Being at home and passing the days looking through the window could be synonym of a tedious life – or a kind of L. B. „Jeff“ Jefferies complex… Not if you are an artist. The Miami-Berlin-based photographer Mitya Trotsky captured more than 7.000 scenes in nearly two years from his condo, where he could observe luxury cruise passengers stepping outside to wave from their balconies as their ships departed. The result is what he calls a „visual anthropology across the full spectrum of the human species“: singles, couples, mature couples, seniors, married with children, newlyweds, gays. The photographs and videos are displayed in 25 meters long in human size scale. „Fugitive Souls“ is the first solo exhibition of Mitya Trotsky in Germany.

Kunstverein am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz // Fugitive Souls

10th November 2017 – 6th January 2018